Our Team

Bringing our vision to life is only possible thanks to the amazing people we are working with.


tiija was founded by Mia Marjanovic and her husband Jesse Abrams. Mia has her masters in Psychology, spent many years working in PR and now runs her own ethical fashion blog heylilahey.com. After completing a self-imposed six month shopping ban in 2012 she learned more and more about mass production, fast fashion and consumer behavior. Step by step she switched from being a fashion-obsessed shopaholic to a slow fashion lover. 

Jesse Abrams has a PhD in Earth System Sciences and is working as a researcher in sustainability. His experience helps us at tiija make the most sustainable decisions we can. Jesse Abrams is also responsible for design choices, production decisions and website design.


For bringing our collections for tiija to life, we are working with the expert team at AIKONE, who helps influencers build and grow their own sustainable fashion or activewear-brand. Its international team believes in a new and better way of building brands and in sustainability and fair production as the new standards in fashion.