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How to order

  • Click the product you would like to purchase. Choose your prefered color and size. Then click "add to cart. You will get forwarded to a checkout page where you can enter shipping and payment details.

Shipping & Returns

  • Read about our shipping and return information here

Timeline for pre-orders

  • Read more about the pre-order process here.

Payment options

  • You can pay with PayPal or Credit Card or Shopify Payment options: Google Pay, Apple Pay and Shop Pay


  • All details about our sizing and size chart here.


  • Currently we only offer returns and no exchanges. If you want the item in a different color or size, you have to place a new order due to our low stock and limited editions. Read more about our return policy here.

Questions about products & the brand

Garment care

  • Garment care is very important to make sure you can enjoy your item for a long time. Read more about the proper garment care here.


  • We try to be transparent with our pricing. Read more about that here.
  • For someone who is used to Fast Fashion our prices might seem high. However, we have a fair and transparent supply chain, our manufacturing company pays their employees very good wages, we use high quality materials, we try to avoid plastic from threads to the labels and we have tried to use the most sustainable packaging solution that we can find. However, quality and sustainability has its price. Read more about the problems of fast fashion and why fast fashion is actually “too cheap” here.


  • We produce in Bulgaria under fair working conditions. Read more about that here.


  • Sustainability is the core of our company. Read more about our sustainability efforts here.

Improvement Efforts

  • We are a new and very small company and even with our sustainability efforts we are not perfect. We are constantly improving. Currently we want to improve:
    • We already offer recycled packaging. If possible we want to reduce the amount of packaging in the future after gaining some insight and experience from our first collection.
    • Our TENCEL™ fabric doesn't have a supply chain that we would prefer, yet. The yarn is produced in Austria and the dyeing and finishing process is done in China. We would prefer to keep this last step in Europe. That is also one reason why the longsleeve dresses are limited edition.
    • Size range: We offer our products in XS-XXL which is already a wide size range for a new company. However, we are still learning and improving, which sizes we have to have in stock at which quantities. Also we would like to offer “petite” and “tall” sizes for maxi dresses in the future.
    • Manufacturing company in Bulgaria: we are very happy with our manufacturing facility and their fair and social working conditions. Part of our team visited the production to ensure that these conditions meet our standards. However, due to the Coronavirus situation, not all members were able to visit the production company yet. We will try to do that in 2021 when it is safe to travel.