Fabric Care Guide

Sustainable Fashion

Wash & Care Guide

Sustainability does not end at the purchase

What happens after you purchase your items might be the most important factor when it comes to sustainable fashion. We can make the most sustainable and eco friendly garments, but if it is not well cared for or discarded quickly, resources are wasted. That is why we want to support you in caring for your garments in the best way possible:

Sensitive Laundry: Use a special detergent without protein-based enzymes (e.g. wool detergent). These enzymes can damage wool and silk.

If you get a stain on your items: Rinse immediately to avoid the stain to soak in too much. Do not use bleach but rather mild detergent. Don’t rub the fabrics. Rinse it off, soak it for a short amount of time and then wash it according to the washing instructions (see below).

Take care: Wash your garments inside out, only with similar colors and according to the care labels.

Less is more: Only a few items of clothing need to be washed after each wear. Too much washing harms the environment and is not the best choice for your clothes. Less is more is also the case for garment care.

Handle carefully: The items you receive are delicate. Don't try to pull and stretch the fabric unnecessarily. For the long sleeve tier dress for example, open all the buttons before putting on the dress instead of trying to “squeeze” in to avoid ripping off threads.

Storage: Store your garments carefully. Don’t overfill your closet, hang clothes such as blouses, shirts or trousers on hangers. Fold knitwear or stretchy items. Protect your clothes from moths and store rarely used items on a dry and cool place.

How to wash TENCEL™ Lyocell, Modal and Viscose:

Machine wash at 30 degrees with mild detergent (German: Feinwaschmittel). Use the delicate or hand washing cycle on your machine.

Darker colors can show white streaks after a few cycles. Use special mild detergent for darker fabrics and use less detergent than usual.

Do not overload the machine. Best to wash inside out.

Do not bleach. Do not dry clean and do not tumble dry. Ironing: cool iron or steam.

How to wash LINEN

Machine wash at 30 degrees or cold. Use the delicate or hand washing cycle on your machine.

Wash with similar colors and inside out.

Do not bleach. Damp ironing. Or steam. Wrinkles on linen fabrics are a very common characteristic

How to wash COTTON

Check the care label first. Machine wash at 30 degrees or cold. Wash with similar colors and inside out.

Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Hang dry to avoid shrinkage. 

We recommend to steam your clothing to get rid of creases.