Ethical & Sustainable Production


made ethically

Our garments are all ethically produced with fair wages.

We are currently working with Jyoti - Fair Works to source our materials and produce our garments. Jyoti - Fair Works is a German-Indian company that focuses on a socially and ecologically sustainable production.

Our clothes are carefully crafted in their stitching workshops located in the south-Indian town of Chittapur Jyoti - Fair Works works closely with over 20 women and local NGOs such as Jyothi Seva Kendra, Nava Chetana Kendra, and Access Foundation. These partnerships provide socially disadvantaged women with seamstress education, permanent employment, training opportunities, regular health checks, and fair salaries.

Our commitment to eco fair clothing extends throughout the entire supply chain. We collaborate with small family businesses and cooperatives. These skilled artisans weave, dye and lovingly craft all the fabrics using traditional techniques. By partnering with these dedicated individuals, we ensure the quality and uniqueness of our garments while supporting the preservation of heritage craftsmanship and contributing to local economies.

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We want to be as transparent as possible with you. We think that this is at the core of ethical fashion. Of course we are not perfect and are always trying to improve. But for our first few collections we try to work as sustainable as possible while also making the designs as accessible as possible. We are proud of what we were able to accomplish. Read about our price transparency here.

Our materials

Choosing the right materials is always a very long process. We want natural materials, that feel good, that last a long time (with the right garment care), and that have a lower ecological footprint than conventional materials. It is always a challenge to check all those boxes and still be able to order in small quantities at a fair price since we are a small business. For our garments we use Linen, TENCEL™, Modal, cotton, hemp, eco viscose, recycled hangtags and organic elastic cords. Read more about our materials here.