Casual elegance handmade in Europe

tiija is a small slow fashion business. At tiija we focus on comfortable, chic, sustainable and ethical fashion that is fun to wear, but with elegant and timeless designs. We are both based in England and Germany and produce in a small atelier in Bulgaria. Our aim is to create garments that feel and look good.

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Eco & Fair

We are always working on improving our production process and being as transparent as possible.

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tiija is Serbian, is written “ti i ja” and means “you and I” in English. Our founder Mia is half Serbian and has a strong connection to her family in Serbia. “ti i ja” is just such a beautiful message that encompasses so much – how to achieve more together, how we stand up for our planet together, how we help each other, love each other, be happy for each other and cheer each other on, and so much more! 


Let’s stay connected:

You can contact us at: contact@tiija.de or via Instagram.