Our fabrics, materials & packaging

When it comes to fabrics, packaging and other materials, we try to use the most sustainable options available to us. We are constantly improving our supply chain and want to share our practices transparently with you:

Our fabrics, materials and packaging in detail

Linen: The flax comes from France, cultivated without pesticides The weaving happens in Poland and the dyeing and finishing process in Northern Ireland. We are big fans of linen fabrics. Flax works as a rotation crop; when swapped on land every 6 - 7 years it can boost soil quality, and increase yields of the next crop. Flax crops do not require irrigation (extra water) and the crop can grow with rain fall alone.

TENCEL™ (Lyocell) is a cellulose fiber obtained from the pulp of sustainably cultivated beech and eucalyptus trees. Read more about the sustainability of this material here. The TENCEL™ weaving of the yarn happens in Austria by Lenzing AG, the dyeing and finishing process happens in China.

Linen TENCEL™ blend: Made with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers and EUROPEAN FLAX® branded linen fibers. Certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Organic Cotton: We use 100% organic cotton fabrics from suppliers that are GOTS certified. Cotton has breathable and moisture absorbing properties. Organic cotton has the advantage to use less water, does not need hazardous pesticides, uses less energy and to release fewer greenhouse gases.

Buttons: We are using corozo buttons for all garments. These are made from nuts. Our buttons are finished and dyed in Germany, they are vegan. Our buttons are GOTS certified.

Threads: We both use organic cotton threads from suppliers that are GOTS certified as well as recycled polyester threads from 100% recycled PET-bottles. We aim to use only cotton threads but they tend to break easier. For the longevity purposes we stick to recycled polyester threads when we need to depending on the design and feedback from our sample production. Those have a great performance and longevity.

Label tags: The label tags are made out of 100% cotton, Oeko-Tex certified, except for the XXL size tags. This is because we were able to expand the range to XXL at the last minute, but therefore we're unfortunately not able to order cotton tags in time for production. XXL dresses come with recycled polyester size tags.

Care labels: Our care labels are made from recycled polyester.

Hang tags: Our hang tags are made out of recycled paper with undyed cotton cords.

Elastic cords for scrunchies and clothing: 40% organic cotton from Turkey, dyed in Germany and 60% natural rubber from plantations in Malaysia.

Production: Our production partners use modern marker systems to minimize waste when cutting the fabrics. Furthermore, it collects all waste and sends it for recycling. Further measures to increase energy efficiency, for example in insulation, are already planned. For tiija we are using leftover fabrics to create our scrunchies.

Packaging: Minimal packaging is a good sustainable option. However, we also want to avoid the garments getting ruined during the transport. So we also opted for safe packaging. That is why the dresses are packed in recycled and 100% recyclable polybags. For shipping we either use cardboard boxes made out of 35% German meadow grass and 65% recycled waste paper or out of 100% recycled paper, depending on the warehouse. You will also receive a flyer printed on recycled paper that you can reuse since we only printed text on one side. Packaging is definitely an area where we will be working to improve our ecological footprint with each collection.

Logistics: We are working with a logistics company based in Germany and Austria and also ship by hand from England. Whenever possible we ship with DHL GoGreen.